Cartland Estate B&B Niagara Falls Ontario


Spring - Winter
March 15th - December 10th
$145 $165

A Closer Look at Our Rooms

  • Private entrance with sitting area in room
  • Very spacious rooms (400 sqft)
  • Vaulted ceilings, maple hardwood floor
  • King size bed with pillow-top mattress
  • High quality linens and beddings
  • Private bathroom with very large walk-in-shower
  • Hairdryer-toiletries-towels
  • Large walk-in-closet with iron and ironing board
  • Gas fireplace, ceiling fan, air conditioning
  • Flat screen T.V.
  • Clock-radio, I-pod station
  • Balcony or patio overlooking ponds or property
  • Outdoor furniture


Interests in Niagara

  • Boating, fishing (Niagara River)
  • Golf destination
  • Casinos (Fallsview, Niagara, Fort Erie Slots)
  • Marineland
  • Restaurants and night clubs
  • Niagara Falls Convention Center
  • Close to 2 U.S.A. border crossings
  • Wine tours
  • Theatre (Shaw Festival)
  • Shopping (Factory Outlet)
  • 20 min drive to Lake Erie beaches (Sherkston Shores and Crystal Beach)

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