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Can i buy mefenamic acid over the counter at market? I have tried it but to no avail. anon74620 Post 5 it is very easy to obtain. my mom got a prescription for it which was filled when i in junior high school. if she was over the age of 65, she would no longer be able to get it. i have no idea if it is dangerous to get over the counter or anything. i am from the south. anon74659 Post 4 i never heard of this drug. what happened to getting it on line? the drug is called MFB (multi-vitamin/folic acid). what can i do to help my liver function? and will it help me lose weight or will i need to take it for many years or will i go into the coma from which i suffered? have been taking the multi-vitamins for over two years, and the doctors say my liver function is OK, but what about this drug? anon74561 Post 3 I never used this drug, but my husband used it. He died because of I know a lady who used it with no problems, but she is now in remission. I have also heard of people who did not die because of the drug, but died because they were on it for an extremely long period of time. anon74457 Post 2 MFB (multivitamin/folic acid) is a common supplement. However, it is not just for men. It can be used to help with menopausal symptoms, and it can also be used to help prevent cancer. It can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. In the US, manufacturer will give you the dosage need as long your health care provider knows how much you need. anon74454 Post 1 I got this from a friend. I didn't understand why couldn't take it; but I started taking it and just helped so much. I also took it even though I was taking other supplements at the time. It took me a few years to realize it was the MFB that helped to reduce my blood pressure. As an adult, I have lost 70 pounds and I haven't suffered from diabetes or had blood clots. There are many, many benefits to taking MFB. anon74284 Post 20 I have been taking this for over twenty years and it works wonders. However, I have had some heart problems and one of them was caused by the MFB. anon73973 Post 19 i took the MFB. it was very cheap and a lot better than the drugs. it was very easy to take and it made me feel like a girl again, and it was such a boost. anon73335 Post 18 i have been taking this for ten years. i have lost the weight put on through pills and eating lots of bread. my mother started taking it and she had such a great time that she took it up again, and she's doing so good now. it really did help her. she's even living a normal life, she doesn't want kids or anything. i'd gladly take it myself just for the benefits. anon72966 Post 17 I was given mfb in the mid-90's when I was in the 10th grade. I have been using MFB since then, and have been prescribed its many variations. The most recent version is a combination of MFB and niacin (for weight loss). Not only mefenamic acid buy online uk is it a great supplement to take, but it is a great treatment for heart disease. People with disease are at risk of developing strokes, and they are more likely to have heart attacks and die prematurely. MFB can help prevent strokes by controlling blood pressure and improving flow to the heart. It also lowers cholesterol, reduces blood sugar, and slows the rate of aging and accumulation plaque (planks) in the arteries. I take MFB every morning with my food, usually in the evening. I do not take any other dietary supplements because of its safety, potency, and ease of use. I believe this is the best supplement available to help people with heart disease. view entire post anon72626 Post 16 There is a good chance the MFB was used as a contraceptive pill. In the ancient world, people would simply use the semen from a Mefenamic 90 Pills 2mg $330 - $3.67 Per pill male who could not produce a baby, in order to prevent pregnancy due sexual assault. anon72616 Post 15 i used mf and it worked great. i was taking it for about a year and half. i was on it and my doctor put me on other medications. i was these for about four months. i had no problems. was about ready to give up and go on a different medication but i decided to try mf. and i have had zero problems since. and it worked.

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